I am a 26-year-old photographer from Lugano (Switzerland) and currently living in Berlin. In 2017 I graduated in sociology from the University of Geneva.

portrait of Dario Cotti 2019


Mémoire de Bachelor en sociologie, Université de Genève (2017), « Welcome to the Dark Side, it’s not so bad after all » : comment les multiples usages sociaux du Darknet contournent la surveillance globale. (download PDF, 2.5MB)

Directeur de mémoire: Sandro Cattacin

printed publications

2018 ∣ Group exhibition, “Space Invaders”, with Giacomo Galletti – la rada – spazio per l’arte contemporanea (Locarno, Switzerland). Curator: Riccardo Lisi

2017 ∣ Group exhibition, “Vicini di casa”– Spazio 1b (Lugano, Switzerland).
Curators: Francesco M. Gamba, Nathalie Soldini, Simon David

2012 ∣ Group exhibition “Identità”– Ego gallery (Lugano, Switzerland).
Curators: Valeria Donnarumma, Giacomo Grandini

2008 | Group exhibition “niska 2004_2008” Spazio Niska (Locarno, Switzerland). Curators: Umberto De Martino, Giuseppe De Giacomi, Fabrizio De Giacomi

Note: I drastically reduced my digital footprint. That’s said, here are a few sites where you can still find me for the time being: Instagram, Mastodon, Linkedin, setlist.fm, discogs and last.fm.